Lululemon Hours – What Time Does Lululemon Open or Close

Lululemon is an athletic store. They sell athletic clothing and accessories for men and women. Lululemon specializes in selling clothing for both running and yoga enthusiasts. Lululemon stores are open every day of the week. Lululemon hours are the same, even on the weekend. This article will provide more information about the Lululemon store schedule, what time Lululemon stores open and close, plus how you can get in touch with Lululemon.

Lululemon Opening Hours

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Day What Time Does Lululemon Open? What Time Does Lululemon Close?
Monday 10AM 8PM
Tuesday 10AM 8PM
Wednesday 10AM 8PM
Thursday 10AM 8PM
Friday 10AM 8PM
Saturday 10AM 8PM
Sunday 10AM 8PM

Lululemon Hours – Additional Details

Lululemon is open every single day of the week. Lululemon stores choose to open their doors at 10AM and shut their doors at 8PM every day from Monday to Sunday. Sometimes, they will close at 9PM. During the holidays, there may be a few days in which Lulumon will close down.

The holidays that Lululemon may close for include:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

With a few other holidays, Lululemon may observe holiday hours. This might mean opening their doors early or closing them late. If you want to learn more about Lulumon’s holiday or standard hours, use the contact information below.

Lululemon – Contact Info

In this final part of our article, we will offer you Lululemon contact information. You can use this information in order to learn more about Lulumon hours or their holiday hours.

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Lululemon Official Website:

Lululemon Email Contact Form:

Lululemon Phone Number: 1 (877) 263-9300

Lululemon Address: 1818 Cornwall Avenue Vancouver, British Columbia,

Canada V6J 1C7

Lululemon Facebook Page:

Lululemon Twitter Page:


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