Petsmart Hours – What Time Does Petsmart Open or Close

Petsmart is a chain of pet stores. They sell a number of pet foods, supplies, and toys. They also offer boarding, grooming, and other services that are similar in nature. Reading this article will give you information on the Petsmart hours of operation.

We will discuss the hours that the Petsmart locations are open on the weekdays, as well as the weekend. If the company is one to change their schedule for any holidays, we will talk about that as well.

Petsmart Opening Hours

Day What Time Does Petsmart Open? What Time Does Petsmart Close?
Monday 9AM 9PM
Tuesday 9AM 9PM
Wednesday 9AM 9PM
Thursday 9AM 9PM
Friday 9AM 9PM
Saturday 9AM 9PM
Sunday 9AM 9PM

Petsmart Hours – Additional Details

Petsmart is open during the same hours every day of the week. These hours are Monday through Sunday from 9AM to 9PM. There are a few times when the store might close its doors. These occur on the following holidays:

  • Christmas Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • New Year’s Day

Find out if your local Petsmart opens early or closes late on holidays for yourself. You can do this by going online and accessing the Petsmart official store locator.

Petsmart – Contact Info

Reading this section of our article will give you contact information for Petsmart. By using this contact information, you can learn more about the store’s hours of operation. You can also find out about the unique holiday hours that they may have. The contact information is as follows: 

Petsmart Address: Petsmart, Inc, 19601 N 27th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85027-4010 

Petsmart Official Website:

Petsmart Email/Contact Form: Form

Petsmart Phone Number: (623) 580-6100

Petsmart Facebook Page

Petsmart Twitter Page

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