Subway Hours – What Time Does Subway Open or Close

Subway is an American-style fast food restaurant chain. The Subway menu consists of various types of subs, as well as cookies and other desserts. Over half of all Subway locations are in the United States. There are thousands of Subway restaurants in hundreds of other countries as well. This article will detail the general Subway hours most Subway locations hold. We will also indicate when and why Subway hours may differ, and how you can find the schedule of the nearest Subway.

Subway Opening Hours

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Day What Time Does Subway Open? What Time Does Subway Close?
Monday 7:00AM 9:30PM
Tuesday 7:00AM 9:30PM
Wednesday 7:00AM 9:30PM
Thursday 7:00AM 10:00PM
Friday 7:00AM 10:00PM
Saturday 8:00AM 9:30PM
Sunday 9:00AM 9:00PM

Subway Hours – Additional Details

Subway restaurants are open for business on most days of the year, operating on approximately the same schedule daily. Holiday hours may be shorter than regular Subway hours. However, most Subway locations close on Christmas.

Some Subway locations may choose to run on a holiday schedule. In these cases, Subway hours during the holiday period will be shorter. If you want to know if the Subway near you has a special holiday schedule, you can use the Subway store locator available at

The Subway store locator allows you to see information about individual Subway locations across the country. You can also view information about the Subway deals and Subways specials available at that location.

Subway – Contact Info

The Subways website,, offers a lot of information regarding Subway hours, the Subway menu, Subway specials, and other information related to Subway locations and menu item. If you have any questions regarding Subway hours, Subway locations, the Subway menu, or Subway daily specials, you can contact Subway customer service directly by using the contact details below.

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Subway Official Website:
Subway E-mail/ Contact Form:
Subway Contact Us Page:
Subway Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-888-4848
Subway Headquarters Address: 325 Sub Way. Milford, CT 06461
Subway Facebook Page:
Subway Twitter Page:


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