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CloseOpenHours Content Copyright

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The materials on CloseOpenHours are available free of charge. However, because they are the property of CloseOpenHours authors, certain restrictions apply. In the following sections, we will discuss how you can use the content of CloseOpenHours, and what restrictions apply to the use of CloseOpenHours content.

Using CloseOpenHours and CloseOpenHours Materials

As mentioned, all the materials on CloseOpenHours are offered for free to CloseOpenHours users. These materials are solely for personal use. Users are free to read, copy, and save content on CloseOpenHours, provided they do not intend to reuse it for commercial or self-promotional purposes.

Using CloseOpenHours materials for commercial, advertising, or self-promotional purposes is strictly forbidden. Users are allowed to cite or reference CloseOpenHours content, but only if they respect the following guidelines:

  • Users who wish to reference or cite CloseOpenHours content must first ask permission from the website authors and/or administrators
  • They must clearly state the context in which they want to reference CloseOpenHours materials
  • They must use the materials as is, or, in certain cases, as agreed upon together with the authors/administrators of CloseOpenHours
  • They cannot alter the materials/content cited after publication
  • They must mention the original source, CloseOpenHours, in a visible manner

Users who do not respect these stipulations will have the content in question taken down, and be banned from further using CloseOpenHours. Depending on the severity of their misdeed, we may also seek legal action.

User Interaction Guidelines

To ensure all our readers have a pleasant experience using CloseOpenHours, we have set in place the following rules to regulate user interaction on our website.

Users are free to discuss any topic on our website in the comments section, provided it is related to the topic of the article. Users may also send messages, ask questions, or send feedback to our authors using the methods outlined in the Contact Us page.

Users are forbidden to:

  • Harass or otherwise become aggressive towards other users or our authors
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  • Post self-promotional materials in the comments section
  • Use the comments section for advertising/commercial purposes

Users who disobey these restrictions may be banned from using our website, without prior warning.

Limitations of Liability

At CloseOpenHours, we do our best to provide readers with accurate information. However, we are not responsible for any changes that may occur beyond the scope of our website. As such, we cannot guarantee the information we provide will be accurate at all times. Please bear this in mind when using our website. We do not take responsibility for any issues that may occur as a result of the information published on our website.

External Links and Third-Party Websites

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