Walmart Auto Center Hours – What Time Does Walmart Auto Center Open or Close

Walmart is a huge store chain present in every state in the US. Walmart doesn’t only sell automotive parts for cars, but also offers the possibility to get your car serviced at the Walmart Auto Center. These Auto Centers can perform oil changes, tire installation, battery replacements, and much more. Walmart Auto Center hours may differ from Walmart store hours. For further information about what time does Walmart Auto Center open or close, read the following paragraphs.

Walmart Auto Center Opening Hours

The table below shows what time Walmart Auto Centers open or close during the week and on weekends.
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Day What Time Does Walmart Auto Center Open? What Time Does Walmart Auto Center Close?
Monday 7 AM 7 PM
Tuesday 7 AM 7 PM
Wednesday 7 AM 7 PM
Thursday 7 AM 7 PM
Friday 7 AM 7 PM
Saturday 7 AM 7 PM
Sunday 8 AM 12 AM

The Walmart Auto Center hours mentioned here offer only a broad overview of Walmart Auto Center schedules. Individual Walmart Auto Center locations may have different schedules. Walmart Auto Center hours are also different during the holidays.

Walmart Auto Center Hours – Additional Details

Local Store Hours

The Walmart Auto Center hours are generally coordinated company wise, so every location respects the given schedule. If you wish to search for a specific center near you, feel free to use the Walmart local store hours tool. This tool will help you find the nearest Walmart Auto Center, and will also tell you what time does Walmart Auto Center open or close for each location.

Holiday Shopping

The only day of the year when Walmart Auto Center closes entirely is on Christmas Day. Other schedule changes include Christmas Eve, when the Walmart Auto Center schedule may be shorter. The Walmart Auto Center schedule is also shorter on Thanksgiving Day.

Find a Store

As mentioned, you can find the nearest Walmart Auto Center using the Walmart store locator, available at The tool will allow you to view individual Walmart locations in your area. To find a Walmart store with a Walmart Auto Center, check the Walmart Departments and Services section of the store, to see if it has an auto center.

Walmart Auto Center – Contact Info

If you would like additional information regarding your local Walmart Auto Center’s hours of operations, you can contact them by using the following information:

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Walmart Auto Services Official Webpage:
Walmart Corporate Contact Form:
Walmart Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-925-6278 (1-800-WALMART)
Walmart Contact Us Page
Walmart Headquarters Address: 702 S.W. 8th St. Bentonville, AR 72716
Walmart Facebook Page:
Walmart Twitter Page:


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