Walmart Vision Center Hours – What Time Does Walmart Vision Center Open or Close

Walmart is a multinational superstore that acts as a department store, grocery store, pharmacy, and vision center. The Vision Center sells contact lenses, reading glasses, prescription glasses, eye drops, etc. This article aims to provide information on the Walmart Vision Center hours for those looking to learn more about this specific department. You will find out what time the Vision Center opens or closes on weekdays, weekends, and holidays.

Walmart Vision Center Opening Hours

Walmart Vision Center hours differ according to the store location. However, what we have gathered in the table below are the average open and close hours of a Walmart Vision Center.

[su_note note_color=”#1fb25a” text_color=”#ffffff”]What Time Does Walmart Vision Center Open? What Time Does Walmart Vision Center Close?[/su_note]

Day What Time Does Walmart Vision Center Open? What Time Does Walmart Vision Center Close?
Monday 9 AM 8 PM
Tuesday 9 AM 8 PM
Wednesday 9 AM 8 PM
Thursday 9 AM 8 PM
Friday 9 AM 8 PM
Saturday 9 AM 8 PM
Sunday Closed Closed

Walmart Vision Center Hours – Additional Details

Geographical Differences

Walmart Vision Center hours may differ depending on where you live. Be sure not to confuse the hours of other departments inside of Walmart with the Vision Center hours, because these centers don’t always operate the same as the rest of the store. It’s best to call your local Walmart Vision Center to determine exact opening and closing times. They can tell you what time does Walmart Vision Center open or close for the location you are interested in.

Store Finder

To find your local Vision Center, head over to Walmart’s official website, and check out their store finder. It’s simple and quick to use.

Holiday Hours

Walmart may limit its hours of operation on holidays like Thanksgiving, Easter, and New Year’s Day. They also tend to close earlier on Christmas Eve, and remain close throughout Christmas Day. Naturally, this will also affect the Walmart Vision Center schedule.

Walmart Vision Center – Contact Info

If you want to leave feedback or seek help/answers to any questions you may have about Walmart Vision Center hours, you can reach out to the company through the resources below.

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Walmart Vision Center Official Webpage:
Walmart Store & Corporation Feedback Form:
Walmart Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-925-6278
Walmart Facebook Page:
Walmart Twitter Page:


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